33rd Konig

Konig Prime is an industrial world of Segmentum Obscurus located close to Cadia and their regiments are equipped by the same manufacturers, apart from some specific accessories.

Konig has large factories producing tank parts and this industry has enabled locals to acquire an excellent knowledge of mechanics. The Departmento Munitorum also benefits from this: it works to ensure that Konig is a mechanized regiments supplier with the necessary skills to enter war zones and repair damaged tanks using a minimum of material. The Imperial tithe requires families of the planet to send their elder sons to serve in the Imperial Guard.

Once enrolled, every youngster is trained to pilot a tank and receives an in-depth education in machinery. This skill has enabled emblematic figures to rise from the ranks, such as Maximillian Wiesemann, the celebrated chief of Baneblade serving in the 9th Konig Regiment. All the regiments are embarked in tanks, infantry comes to the battlefield in Chimeras. The nobility of the planet never has to undertake grueling factory work, and receives martial instruction worthy of their rank. No noble family is exempt from the enrolment of the first child; all must be sent away under pain of sanctions. However, their status gives them inalienable privileges and their offspring join cavalry regiments where they are taught the tactics and strategies that will turn them into elite tank commanders. It is the custom of each crew to name its tank. The naming ceremony is preceded by a ritual to bind the crew unwaveringly to the tank. This fusional identity explains why you never see a Konig soldier abandon his vehicle, however dangerous the situation maybe.

Equipment :

The only way the uniform of a Konig soldier differs from those of the Cadian regiments is in the helmets and specific regimental equipment. The Konig helmet offers less protection than the Cadian model, but it is preferred because it is more convenient and easier to remove inside tanks where maneuvering space is restricted and where the heat is sometimes unbearable. Each soldier has a useful, foldaway pouch with a complete set of tools needed for on-the-spot repairs of minor damage suffered during fighting. As for the tanks, they have replacement caterpillars and the heavy equipment needed to deal with a derailment or more serious damage. This combination provides the regiment with protection and relative autonomy.

The 33rd Konig regiment:

Like any regiment from Konig, the 33rd is highly mechanized. It is composed of seasoned veterans who bravely fought on many battlefields and are accustomed to difficult urban warfare. The yellow mustard colour of their protection is a tribute to soldiers lost in the Banna Desert. This regiment is often cited for its heroic deeds, making it highly regarded among allies. However, since the despicable betrayal of the Eldar during the Utoya campaign, the 33rd has suffered from xenophobia. The consequence of their distrust of the Xenos is the refusal of the regiment to have anything to do with Abhumans. To this can be added a complete misunderstanding of their behavior. That is why for a Konig soldier it is inconceivable that an Ogryn would be afraid of getting into a Chimera. Because of this underlying suspicion, Commissars were affiliated to the regiment, not to enforce discipline or strengthen its faith in the Emperor, but to avoid altercations in campaigns in which Abhumans fight alongside them. Despite their paranoid tendencies and apparent rustic character, the soldiers of the 33rd Konig regiment are an example for many other regiments across the galaxy.

Campagnes notables:

Notable campaigns:

Utoya is an agricultural world producing foodstuff to be processed and distributed to the Imperial Guard. In 160.M41 reports of people disappearing in the most remote farming villages multiplied. A thorough investigation was conducted at the site of the disappearances and, given the overwhelming evidence uncovered there, the authorities came to the conclusion the attacks had been committed by external enemies. Defenses were quickly erected to counter any more attacks by foreign looters. Discretion not being one of their strong suits, unmasked Dark Eldars continued their raids, stepping up their relentless quest for new slaves. The 33rd Konig which was stationed on a nearby moon came to Utoya?s aid, deploying its armored power to aid the suffering planet. The prestigious regiment gained the upper hand over the Dark Eldar, especially since it benefited from the surprise cooperation from Eldars who, having got wind of the raids, seized the opportunity to weaken their fallen brothers. Imperial tanks maneuvering skilfully on the ground and relentless Eldar anti-grav vehicles proved a perfect combination and the invaders were on the back foot when suddenly an unexpected event happened. An Eldar Lynx destroyed the Dark Eldar command vehicle but once the Voivode and its guards had been reduced to ashes, the Eldars quit the battlefield without explanation, leaving the way clear for Dark Eldar anti-tank vehicles. Although the Imperial campaign ended in victory, this betrayal resulted in many casualties among the 33rd Konig, and left each survivor of the glorious regiment filled with an unprecedented hatred of Xenos of all origins.

The Ash Desert Massacre [455.M41]:

A major campaign to recapture the volcanic planet of Agrya took place in 455.M41. Once a fervent believer in the Emperor of Humanity, the people of Agrya underwent years of isolation that plunged the world into autarky. Deprived of contact with the outside world people began to venerate new gods. Violent religious wars errupted. After many massacres one group, better organized and more influential than others, took power by subjugating minority groups. It established the worship of Ulpopok, the terrifying Volcano god, as the only accepted religion. It was to honor this god that the leaders planned the simultaneous eruptions of the major volcanoes of Agrya with as a result, the sacrifice of the population in the name of an imaginary deity. The Inquisition, which had been watching the dangerous rise in power of the cult for some time, sent three Space Marine Chapters and 10 regiments of the Imperial Guard including the 33rd Konig. The 33rd Konig was deployed in Ash Desert to destroy all shrines and places of worship and the explosive charges necessary to set off the volcanic eruptions. The 33rd Konig fulfilled its mission with a minimum of casualties. After a three-month campaign, the entire population of Agrya was arrested and charged. Those Agryans opposed to the Emperor were judged and executed, others were released. Imperium appointed a governor loyal to his cause and set up tightly regulated installations to force the people of the planet to become faithful subjects of the Emperor once more.

The sacrifice of Banna [861.M41]:

Banna is a desert located in the Segmentum Solar. Its population lives in small autonomous cities, all governed by an overlord who swore allegiance to the Imperium. In 859.M41, the city of Alrabah suffered a brutal raid by a Xenos race identified as being Caradochians. This raid sparked anxiety among the other cities with convoys became increasingly prey to attacks and looting. The 33rd Konig was deployed to Banna alongside the 24th Brimlock Dragoons with a mission to ensure Caradochian abuse ceased permanently. The inquisitor Serbus was mandated to study the unusual behavior of this winged alien species that was not normally in the habit of deliberately attacking Imperial worlds. After investigation, the truth was revealed to all: the overlord of the city of Aldabra had secretly purchased the services of these alien mercenaries with the aim of bringing neighboring cities under his authority while avoiding the wrath of Imperium. All 33th Konig tanks were deployed in the desert surrounding the city of Aldabra. Their job was to create a diversion and allow the combined infantry of the 33rd Konig and 24th Brimlock to infiltrate the city and arrest the renegade overlord. The rebels and their Xenos allies took the bait and began attacking the armada of tanks. While this battle raged, the infantry progressed quickly and quietly through the desert thanks to desert camouflage clothing. When the battle was over, demolition charges had destroyed 85% of Imperial tanks, but the valiant sacrifice of the armored company meant the city could be reconquered in three hours with minimal infantry losses. The arrest of the mutinous overload meant the Caradochians no longer had a paymaster and they promptly fled Banna without asking questions. Following the mission, no further city on the planet showed animosity towards its neighbors or the Imperium.

The fall of Praetoria [999.M41]:

The 33rd Konig Regiment was sent to counter Evils Sunz? advance on the hive city of Carnarvon. Taking advantage of the presence of the 122nd Cadian inside the city, the Konig armored company headed straight for the Orks. A secondary and simultaneous operation consisted of opening a breakthrough towards the Ruins of Balmora after defeating the clan of "Burning Redz". The objective was to reconquer these ruins of Big Boss Kass' Krane. If the two objectives were achieved, this double victory would allow imperial troops to push the Xenos to the north of the planet and to secure areas located to the south of Balmora. Orks would be grouped together and thus an easy target for the Imperial artillery. They would not be able to hold out long against a combined assault by the Adeptus Astartes chapters...

Notable Character:

Tank Commander Hermann Benker:

Benker was born to a wealthy family in Konig. He attended a prestigious officers? school and came through with flying colors. It was there that he learned all the dictates of the Imperium, swearing one day he would equal some imperial heroes including the famous Maximilian Weissman who contributed to the reputation of Konig. After graduating he was confronted with the reality of the field. Benker had difficulty integrating within the squadron he was in charge of. Indeed his men were highly suspicious of him because he was a novice officer. But gradually, as he gained battle experience, Benker also gained their trust as he proved to be a great tactician; he made very few strategic errors during the campaigns in which he participated. However it was his extraordinary gifts for maneuvering and targeting which inspired the respect of his peers. It was commanding an "Armageddon", the Leman Russ conqueror, that Benker guided his soldiers to victory. For each shell fired that reached its target, he stroked his grey mustache, a satisfied grin on his face, and after putting his cap on he headed to his next victim. In forty years of service "Armageddon" never suffered serious damage. That is why some legends claim the tank and its commander were blessed by the Emperor himself and that he confided in Benker a divine mission. While all this is only the gossip of superstitious and admiring soldiers, Benker?s gifts have repeatedly been proven.