Warhammer 40k campaign


Join the epic battles of the 41st Millennium

Fight alongside players from the entire world

Warhammer 40K Campaigns will be the campaign website created by fans for the community

Get ready to discover a unique website offering interactive campaigns, rich in storylines and packed with original illustrations.

Warhammer 40K Campaigns is a website designed entirely by fans who have volunteered for the mission and we cannot predict exactly when it will come online. But fear not, the website is coming and we count on your feedback to improve it and keep it running.

Must see...

Exclusive storylines

Discover an extract of the numerous storylines Warhammer40KCampaigns will be offering when it goes live with its first campaign : 'The Fall of Praetoria' !


Take part in the community's debates and discussions through our dedicated blog.

Original illustrations

Discover all the original Warhammer 40K campaigns illustrations.

Warhammer 40k campaigns comming...

You just need to be patient a little longer and while you are waiting, keep up with the latest news via our Facebook page.